Create A Lucrative Income Trading In Just 30 Mins Per Day

True Trader’s industry-leading, step-by-step training educates and guides you to become a self-sufficient, profitable and skilled trader – even if you have zero trading experience. Discover a proven trading system trusted by 5,000+ members who are creating a sustainable Income and true financial freedom from trading.


Join A 5,000+ Community

And feel continually supported by mentors
& experts.

Discover A 79.9% Win-Rate System

That’s low-stress,
trading for 30mins
each morning.

Access To Dozens Of Experts At Any Time

So you can Improve your skills from 7-figure traders.

500+ Hours Of Webinars And Masterclasses

Mentorship to help you succeed faster.


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I am continually astonished

I am continually astonished by the level of transparency, professionalism, compassion, availability, and willingness to
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- Brent Kuecker
Thanks True Trader
Brent Kuecker

I am continually astonished

I am continually astonished by the level of transparency, professionalism, compassion, availability, and willingness to help - displayed by the True Trader community - from ownership, to mods, to support, to community members. I am blown away and will stay with TT as long as they are in business.
Thanks True Trader

Thanks True Trader

Adri, Ricky, Goose and the rest of the TT family and all it's members are
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- David Cohen
Thanks True Trader
David Cohen
3 years ago
Adri, Ricky, Goose and the rest of the TT family and all it's members are always working hard to create a better more profitable experience through focused education for all the members and their commitment to this mission is second to none. Thanks TT

Create The Freedom & Income You Deserve As An Online Trader

The traditional 9-to-5 career model isn’t for everyone. It’s why more people are choosing a path that can build a sustainable income online. Like most people, you want more time to
spend with loved ones and more freedom to make your
own decisions.

With True Trader, you’ll discover a simple method that enables you to create a profitable income, trading during the first 30 minutes of the day. It’s a strategy thousands use to grow their income and build a life they’ve always dreamed of.

By learning new skills with the support of a 5,000+ community of traders, you can finally wake up working on a business you love. And with more control over your time and income, it’s an exciting moment to discover your potential in life!

Whether You’ve Attempted Trading Before Or You’re Just Starting Out, Knowing Where Or How To Start Is The Hardest Part

When you’re new to trading it can feel overwhelming since there are so many ways you can learn to become a successful trader. We recognize this and understand the confusing position you probably find yourself in when starting out.

And right now you may not know which path to take in order to succeed as a trader. This means there are several things standing between you and your dream of building an enjoyable career and creating that financial freedom.

Let’s see if you can relate…

  • You’ve tried self-learning videos online, without expert help…

In fact, you might have watched 10 different experts on YouTube who advise you to trade in a specific way, at a specific time, on specific stocks – each contradicting the other.

  • You can’t make sense of all the terminology…

What’s more frustrating is that there’s so much language and jargon thrown around, that it can make many novice traders simply go cross-eyed. This can be the quickest route to giving up before you’ve gotten started.

  • You’ve bought other expensive online programs…

Maybe you’ve already spent money on several courses learning to trade, with limited success? It’s common for programs to cost you several thousands of dollars per year, which is often unaffordable for many new traders.

  • You’ve seen too many scammy ads…

Or even those websites that promise you’ll earn fast money online as a trader – it can feel like a soul sink. You can end up spending more time and money learning multiple systems and be left with an overload of information and strategies.

So You Try To Find A Safer, More Reliable System You Can Trust

Of course, finding a trading system you can trust can feel neverending – many online tutorials and courses can leave you feeling overwhelmed. And when you’re stuck and unable to make a decision, you can wind up taking no action at all.

Even if you’ve traded before, there’s no doubt you’ve tried trading all day as you closely watch the market? You’ve noticed how mentally exhausting this is – plus it can leave you taking unnecessary risks, which can limit your success.

And this might have left you wondering how people earn a comfortable living trading online, yet hardly seem to be working? Well, learning how to build a recession-proof income by trading comes down to your “system” & support network.

Introducing True Trader

A Community-Based Education Program To Support New And Aspiring Traders To Master the Skill of Trading and Become Profitable

True Tader’s community-based learning platform has already helped 5,000+ traders worldwide – both beginners and highly experienced 7-figure traders find a system that just works.

Our ambition is to educate, guide and help you become self-sufficient, earn a sustainable income and build skills that’ll provide you with complete financial security.

When you join the True Trader community, here’s everything you’ll get inside the membership…

  • Join A Supportive Community Of 5,000+ Traders That Are Like Family

Feel supported with access to teaching resources and coaching, 24/7. The community is committed to helping you improve your skills as a trader using our system.

  • Get a Daily Morning Game Plan, PLUS ‘Support & Resistance Zone’ Indicator Sets

Get our morning report showing stocks to watch and levels to trade. You’ll learn to pinpoint accurate price levels to give you the conviction to take the best trades!

  • Discover A Reliable System, And Confidently Manage Your Own Risk

Uncover how you can leverage this low-risk, yet highly profitable trading method that requires the patience and skill you’ll learn before pulling the trigger on trades.

  • Access Webinars And Masterclasses That Support You To Succeed As A Trader

Aside from 500+ hours of pre-recorded training, we host live webinars and masterclasses to ensure you learn from experts and tackle any questions you have.

  • Achieve A 79%+ Win Rate During The First 30 Mins Of The Morning

The volatility of the market on opening allows trading for safe, reliable gains. Avoid trading all day and eliminate exposure to risky trades, while freeing up your time.

  • Get High Probability, Real-Time Callouts – Learn “Live” From 25+ Year Trading Veterans

Watch Dan, our resident trading expert, make multiple live trades each morning using the True Trader strategy. You’ll see our methods “live” in action as experts call their trades & exits beforehand! .

  • Use Our Powerful Market Scanners To Give You A COMPLETE View For Better Trades

The best traders don’t simply take a bunch of trades. Our exclusive data-feed can scan 8,000+ stocks p/sec and deliver highly lucrative results tuned for our strategy.

  • Pre-Market Scanner gets you ready for the morning trades – find gappers that fit our criteria with ease.
  • Intraday Scanner Once the market opens, our intraday scanner cuts through the noise and shows nearly ripe setups to maximize profits.
  • End The Overwhelm And Confusion Of Learning To Trade Alone

With the True Trader community, you learn from live tutorials as well as pre-recorded educational videos. The difference here is you’re among others for guided support.

Here’s What You’ll Get In Your Annual True Trader Membership

12-Month Access – Only $99.99 Per Month
That’s Just $1,195 Per 12 Months (Save $3,545!)


  • 1-2 hr Live Daily Trading Stream w/Screen Share (79% + Win-Rate)
  • Member’s Chatroom With Live Trade Calls (Pro 25 yr+ veterans calling trade setups in real-time)
  • Proprietary Stocks Scanner Access
  • Full Access To Masterclass Training w/Buy Sell Zones Indicator ($5,000 Value)
  • BONUS: Access To Private Reversal Trading Webinar Archive (100+ hrs of webinar content)
  • YEARLY BONUS: Private Access To Four Pre-Recorded 1 on 1 Training that Dan and Adriano (7 figure trader) Did With 3 Members Which Was the #1 Biggest Help In Turning Them Profitable! ($7,000 value)

PLUS, Join The True Trader Community Today And
Get 10 FREE Bonuses

  • BONUS #1 Access To Private Reversal Trading Webinar Archive (13+ hours of up to date educational content as of September 2020)
  • BONUS #2 All TT Chat Room Access (lifetime of program)
  • BONUS #3 TT Stocks Live Stream (lifetime of program)
  • BONUS #4 Stocks Swing Trade SMS alerts (lifetime of program)
  • BONUS #5 Stocks Morning Report (lifetime of program)
  • BONUS #6 Options Chat Room (lifetime of program)
  • BONUS #7 Options SMS (lifetime of program)
  • BONUS #8 Options Weekly Newsletter (lifetime of program)
  • BONUS #9 Access to TT’s content library of over 100 hours of high impact training (lifetime of program)
  • BONUS #10 Access to TAG


Meet the Co-Founder of True Trader…

Hi, I’m Adriano.

I’ve been trading for 25+ years – before that, I began my training as a doctor. Not excited about 12-14 years of study, I spent a lot of time traveling, and during this time I discovered a way to create a lifestyle around a lucrative online income.

When I started trading, I’d be at my computer every day from 7 am until late into the night – it was exhausting. But I soon discovered that the vast majority of opportunities actually occur in the first 15 minutes of the market opening…

My goal is to educate and help our 5,000+ members become self-sufficient, earn a sustainable income that’s recession-proof. And now it’s your turn…

Watch below to see how countless other members are enjoying financial freedom using our “early trade” system.

What Members LOVE About The
True Trader System…And Why

Transform From Old “Gambling” Trading Tactics And Become A Consistently Profitable Trader…

Our Member’s Results Are Proof THIS Works
Once you learn the methods, techniques and strategies taught within the member community, you’ll quickly realize how effective and reliable it is to repeat a single, proven system each day.
Our community both challenges your thinking and teaches you a “how to fish” mentality so you can profit from successful trades and share with others.

Give True Trader A 3-Day Test Drive

With this trial, you’ll be able to see behind the curtains of some of the world’s best
traders. Once you come in, there’s a good chance you won’t ever go back to doing
whatever you were doing before.


  • Morning Livestream: Join the morning Livestream at 9:30 am and see us trade live and in real-time. (link posted in our Pro Room each morning)
  • Limited access to chatrooms. View-only mode in the pro-trade room, members trading floor. Ask a pro or mod any question in the Q&A room
  • Scanner Access: Our world-class scanners (pre-market and two intraday)


  • Access to our Day Trading Guide for Beginners
  • Access to our complete Livestream archive (prove our results for yourself)
  • Trading Psychology Series
  • Lessons from a former Market Maker (TheGoose)

“The only regret I have is not signing up sooner.”

Thomas Rayl (Trader for 13+ Years)




I just joined. Where do I start?

Start by reading our member’s quickstart guide. (This is accessible to active members only) 

How much is your service?

Our pricing is clearly outlined on the bottom of our homepage. Here’s a direct link.

Which broker do you use?

I personally use Cobra Trading for quick executions. But TD Ameritrade, E-Trade, Interactive Brokers, Charles Schwab work just fine. These are the main brokers most of our members are trading with. Most of these brokers also offer commission free trading now as well.

What charting software do you use?

Thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade. Download it here.

How much money do I need to start day trading?

The SEC requires that active day traders have at least $25,000 in their trading account if they’d like to place 4 or more round trip day trades (buy and sell) in a 5 day period. That being said, you do NOT need $25,000 to benefit from our services. We’ve had members claim to grow accounts from 4 figures to 6 figures while using our service. Ideally, new traders should have at least $2,000 in their account, however, this is not a requirement.

Can I trade while I work full time?

Yes! In general, we preach trading only the first hour of the day and then walking away. We have many traders that trade part-time while working a full-time job. They enter trades, place live stop orders, and walk away. This is the best strategy for trading while working. Some our of members are in different time zones and can trade for 1hr of the U.S. Stock Market before or after work. This is also feasible. The best hour to trade is from 9:30am-10:30am EST.

Can I follow your trades (mirror trading)?

Totally up to you what you do with our information. Our service is for education and entertainment purposes only. Our members are taught our strategy and then invited to watch our top traders do their daily work. We find this helps re-enforce the education by watching our pros in real-time. We call all of our trades ahead of time BEFORE the market gets there so all members test what they would do if and when the market comes to our levels. You must educate yourself if you want to be a successful trader. A surgeon does not perform surgery without learning from his peers first. Same goes for trading.

Do you trade options or the common stock?

We typically trade the common stock and not the option. We found that we are better able to manage risk by not having to deal with decay, etc… That being said, there are many members who trade the options on the stocks we trade live each day. Most of our trades are on large cap stocks so the options are liquid and active as well. Our trade location is at such advantageous levels that where we can book a 5% return on the stock, the option can give 20%+ in the same amount of time. We see this daily.

Can I use your system to trade Forex, Options, Futures?

Our current system is designed for stocks. Many members have been able to use it for Options with great success. We have a Futures and Forex adaptation coming soon.

What do you mean by a “point” when trading? Is it a dollar?

Yes. “Point” means $1 in stock markets.

When you enter into a position by shorting by placing a Limit order, do you also specify a quantity?

Not typically. Since the trades are ours alone we set a position size we’re comfortable with. Every member is working with vastly different account sizes so a quantity is completely subjective and up to each individual trader. We’ll often let the room know when we’re placing “half” orders – which is another way of saying half of our typical trade size. We do that when we see multiple levels near by and want to manage the trade carefully while dollar cost averaging down (or up).

When you’re in a trade, what do you mean when you say “I’m adding to it”?

That means we are increasing our position size in a given trade. For example, let’s say you enter into a “long” (meaning we expect the price to go up) and in reality the price drops. If we “add” to the position, we’re putting more money into the stock at that lower price. This is useful because it lowers our average “buy price” for the expected price increase.

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