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 I spend most of my time in the Options Trading room. I started attending the Zoom sessions hosted by Mike and each time I would pick up a little something for my toolkit. I learn about trend lines and setting up regression channels and that is probably the biggest thing that helped settle me. Seeing a path for the stock to follow made it easier for me to see the direction of the trend and also, the range of the price action. Mike is an excellent teacher and is quite generous with his time. So here is the good news. As I said, I have a small account, so my wins are not huge, however I had a $600 day last Thursday, followed by two days with over $100 profit. Four out of the past five trading days have been green and I am extremely pleased about that. From the first day, I joined TrueTrader to right now I have been completely satisfied with my decision to sign up. The resources, coaching, and the community is exceptional.


“Quick success story: I am up +107% over the last 3 months (64 trading days). Getting more consistent and disciplined every day, and I aim to double one more time before the end of the year. Thank you, TT fam!”


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Our head options trader, Mike, hosts a daily live call at 9pm EST to review upcoming strategies, learn more about the day’s trades, or just answer general questions. Members are on voice live with Mike and are free to ask questions openly as a group.


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