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TAG - Terms and Agreement

Before joining TAG, please ensure that you carefully read this Terms and Agreement in its entirety and completely understand the information within before joining and paying for TAG.

We are not registered as a securities broker-dealer or an investment adviser either with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) or with any state securities regulatory authority. We are neither licensed nor qualified to provide investment advice.

In addition to the True Trader Disclaimer, by joining TAG, all members must adhere to the following conditions and by signing this Terms and Agreement you acknowledge reading and the complete comprehension of the terms outlined below:

Things expected of you (important):

  • The time involved, commitment, accountability, support, growth, and progress.
  • Most of the communication with my TAG mates will be conducted through the official TT chatroom space established for me.
  • Active in Weekly meetings, morning calls, and chat engagement such as posting homework assignments.
  • Will be expected to let your team know if you will be absent, etc.
  • 3 “no call no shows” in 30days, will result in consideration for removal from the TAG


TAG leaders:

If you're interested in being a TAG leader please let your TrueTrader contact know. 

TAG Leaders typically have the following responsibilities. (These can be spread around to several TAG members if you elect to)

    • Act as the contact person from pros/mods to TAG
    • Provided exclusive access to TAG leaders chat channel
    • Granted a TAG Leader TT Badge
    • If proven to be committed to the integrity of your TAG and proficient as a TAG leader, will be considered for promotion as a TT mod
    • Provide decision making authority within TAG

TAG Phases You'll Experience

Your TAG will be provided with a blueprint of the TAG PLAYBOOK and how to establish structure in your TAG setting, along with rules and guidelines to follow.  You will be able to grow and evolve as a group on your own. 

Phase 1 of TAG acceptance:

Application + Sign the TAG Terms and Conditions (this form).

Phase 2 of TAG acceptance:

  • During the consideration of your application, you will be in Phase 2 of TAG consideration.  
  • TAG acceptance room: upon applying for TAG will you have access to the applicant room.
    • This is the bare minimum of what will be expected of you when you are a part of your own TAG.
    • Your consistency and effort at this level will be considered for acceptance into a TAG.
    • Posted Homework Assignments once per week, as well as any active chat engagement as a PreQualification into a potential TAG (past, if any, as well as future assignments, will count). The TAG of consideration will have active say in the work and efforts put into your assignments to be accepted. This is NOT about the accuracy of the assignments, rather the EFFORT you put into your work, and your willingness to learn and be proactive.

Phase 3 of TAG acceptance:

  • Once you have passed Phase 2 of TAG acceptance, you will be contacted for a personal interview with someone with the TT administration.
  • You will have a full understanding of what TAG entails and what will be expected of you as well as answer any questions you may have before agreeing to move forward with joining a TAG.

Your TAG journey BEGINS!:

  • TAG is a tight-knit community to push one another to become better and grow together as traders as well as a team.
  • You will be expected to continue the amount of effort you contributed to the TAG acceptance process while in your TAG.
  • The friendships you establish here can last a lifetime. These will be your battle buddies who are there with you through all the ups and downs. 
  • Being held accountable as well as holding others accountable is an invaluable part of being in a TAG.
  • You’ve done the work and proved yourself worthy of being accepted into a TAG, now it’s the time you reap the rewards!

Monthly Check-Ups:

  • ALL Members (including Leaders)
  • Please be sure to take a moment to participate in this each month so we can better understand how to help you more effectively.
  • Each month you will receive a short 5 question survey to ensure you are satisfied with how your TAG is working for you.
  • If you are in need of attention for immediate consideration into a different TAG, you will have an opportunity to do so during these monthly check-ups.  You can also reach out to any TT admin at any time.  
  • Your answers will be confidential and not shared with anyone else.

Tag Leaders

  • Part of your responsibility as a TAG leader will be to take a moment to discuss/confirm the current status of your TAG with your fellow TAG members each month.
  • This will help us to know if there are any changes to your TAG that we should be aware of (i.e. meeting times, study topics, strategy focus, etc)
  • You will be provided with a short form to complete with the knowledge of your current TAG’s status.

Quarterly Evals: 

  • Once with a TAG, you will have a quarterly performance evaluation to reassure you’re happy and comfortable with your TAG, and that you are participating in TAG activities. 
  • if your participation/communication with your TAG is not on par with what is expected from your TAG you will be given a specific amount of time to step it up, if unable or unwilling to do so, you will go back to having access only to the TAG acceptance room (Phase 2 of TAG acceptance).  You will need to restart your TAG acceptance process to be considered for rejoining. 
  • If you are in any way not comfortable with the TAG you are in, we ask that you apply for replacement consideration into another TAG during free agent season which occurs twice a year. (see “Free Agent” section below)

Free Agent Season: 

  • Twice a year/every 6 months there will be a possibility of new members relocated/joining all TAGs.  This will be the only time new members will be considered to join your TAG unless otherwise specified by your TAG as a group and TT administration. 
  • You can fill out an application for consideration in a different TAG during these times every year. You will have access to the application in private.
  • Your TAG will have a say in any decision made of new members joining
  • Based on that applicant’s homework consistency,  and application answers (name not disclosed, answers only)
  • You will have private access to the “free agent” application during these times of the year. 

TAG member policies and best-practices

  • TAG members should plan to meet once per week minimum
  • If a member fails to attend a planned meeting more than three times per month they will be considered for removal.
  • If a member fails to show up, anyone there should proceed anyway. Do not let a no-show slow you down.
  • If you plan to take some time off, communicate with your TAG members. They are people and should be treated with respect.
  • Each member will be invited to share their thoughts privately every month. 
  • Working as a team is a large part of what makes TAG so effective, please always consider your fellow TAG members.
  • The TrueTrader administrators will have complete discretion to ban room members without a refund of any kind.  This ban may also include a ban from the larger True Trader community, without a refund of any kind.

Once again, by signing this TAG membership Terms and Agreement, all members agree to adhere to the previous conditions and acknowledge reading and the complete comprehension of the terms outlined in the TAG Terms and Agreement.

In addition to the TAG Terms and Agreement, all TrueTrader members acknowledge the acceptance and complete understanding of the True Trader disclaimer found here;

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