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Every Trade We Take Called LIVE and Ahead of Time

We've been meticulously tracking every trade we take from our 1hr live stream each day. We also provide our members a complete video archive to review later on demand. Below shows a hypothetical PnL curve if our actual trades were applied to a starting 25k account. (note, the entries and exits are real.  Look at the raw data tab and see how you would have managed each trade for the most personalized simulation)

Results NOT typical. Please remember that past performance may not be indicative of future results.

Learn the Skills to Create The Freedom & Income You Deserve As An Online Trader

The traditional 9-to-5 career model isn’t for everyone. It’s why more people are choosing a path that can build a sustainable income online. Like most people, you want more time to spend with loved ones and more freedom to make your own decisions.

With True Trader, you’ll discover a simple method that has enabled many to create a profitable income, trading during the first 60 minutes of the day. It’s a strategy many use to grow their income and build a life they’ve always dreamed of.

By learning new skills with the support of a 5,000+ community of traders, you can finally wake up working on a business you love. Once these skills are mastered you may find yourself with more control over your time and income, it’s an exciting moment to discover your potential in life!

Whether You’ve Attempted Trading Before Or You’re Just Starting Out, Knowing Where Or How To Start Is The Hardest Part

When you’re new to trading it can feel overwhelming since there are so many ways you can learn to become a successful trader. We recognize this and understand the confusing position you probably find yourself in when starting out.

And right now you may not know which path to take in order to succeed as a trader. This means there are several things standing between you and your dream of building an enjoyable career and creating that financial freedom.

Let’s see if you can relate…

You’ve tried self-learning videos online, without expert help…

 In fact, you might have watched 10 different experts on YouTube who advise you to trade in a specific way, at a specific time, on specific stocks – each contradicting the other.

You can’t make sense of all the terminology…

What’s more frustrating is that there’s so much language and jargon thrown around, that it can make many novice traders simply go cross-eyed. This can be the quickest route to giving up before you’ve gotten started.

You’ve bought other expensive online programs…

Maybe you’ve already spent money on several courses learning to trade, with limited success? It’s common for programs to cost you several thousands of dollars per year, which is often unaffordable for many new traders.

You’ve seen too many scammy ads…

Or even those websites that promise you’ll earn fast money online as a trader – it can feel like a soul sink. You can end up spending more time and money learning multiple systems and be left with an overload of information and strategies.

So You Try To Find A Safer, More Reliable System You Can Trust

Of course, finding a trading system you can trust can feel neverending – many online tutorials and courses can leave you feeling overwhelmed. And when you’re stuck and unable to make a decision, you can wind up taking no action at all.

Even if you’ve traded before, there’s no doubt you’ve tried trading all day as you closely watch the market? You’ve noticed how mentally exhausting this is – plus it can leave you taking unnecessary risks, which can limit your success.

And this might have left you wondering how people earn a comfortable living trading online, yet hardly seem to be working? Well, learning how to build a recession-proof income by trading comes down to your “system” & support network.

Introducing True Trader

A Community-Based Education Program To Support New, Aspiring, and Experienced Traders To Master the Skill of Trading and Become Profitable

TrueTrader’s community-based learning platform has already helped many traders worldwide – both beginners and highly experienced 7-figure traders – find a system that works. 

Our ambition is to educate, guide and help you become self-sufficient, earn a sustainable income and build skills that’ll provide you with complete financial security.

Our system is not a get-rich quick method. Instead we focus on teaching those willing to dedicate themselves to learning a life-changing skill.  The journey is not easy nor instant. It will require significant focus and dedication on your part. There is no easy button for becoming a successful trader but we can provide you the tools to significantly tip the odds significantly in your favor. 

When you join the True Trader community, here’s everything you’ll get inside the membership…

✔ Join A Supportive Community Of 5,000+ Traders That Are Like Family

Feel supported with access to teaching resources and coaching, 24/7. The community is committed to helping you improve your skills as a trader using our system.

✔ Discover A Reliable System, And Confidently Manage Your Own Risk

Aside from 500+ hours of pre-recorded training, we host live webinars and masterclasses to ensure you learn from experts and tackle any questions you have.

✔ Watch how we Achieve A 79%+ Win Rate During The First 30 Mins Of The Morning

The volatility of the market on opening allows trading for safe, reliable gains when our system is properly applied. Avoid trading all day and eliminate exposure to risky trades, while freeing up your time.

✔ Get High Probability, Real-Time Callouts – Learn Live From 25+ Year Trading Veterans

Watch multiple professional traders make multiple live trades each morning using the True Trader strategy. You’ll see our methods live and in real-time as experts call their trades & exits beforehand!

✔ Get a Daily Morning Game Plan, PLUS ‘Support & Resistance Zone’ Indicator Sets

Get our morning report showing stocks to watch and levels our pros are trading. You’ll learn to pinpoint accurate price levels to give you the conviction to take the best trades!

✔ Access Webinars And Masterclasses That Support You To Succeed As A Trader

Mentorship to help you succeed faster.

✔ Use Our Powerful Market Scanners To Give You A COMPLETE View For Better Trades

The best traders don’t simply take a bunch of trades. Our exclusive data-feed can scan 8,000+ stocks per second and deliver highly lucrative results tuned for our strategy.

  • Pre-Market Scanner gets you ready for the morning trades – find gappers that fit our criteria with ease.
  • After-Market Scanner allows you to spot aftermarket action.
  • Intraday Scanner Once the market opens, our intraday scanner cuts through the noise and shows nearly ripe setups to maximize profits.

✔ End The Overwhelm And Confusion Of Learning To Trade Alone

With the True Trader community, you learn from live tutorials as well as pre-recorded educational videos. The difference here is you’re among others for guided support.

    Here’s What You’ll Get


    • TrueTrader Stocks Masterclass Course
    • TrueTrader Options Course
    • Mastermind Primer Sessions
    • Trading Psychology Program
    • Risk Management & Expectancy Sessions
    • Beginner Webinar Sessions
    • Access to TT’s content library of over 500 hours of high impact training


    • TT Stocks Live Stream (9:30a-10:30a Market Days)
    • Essentials Chat Room Access
    • World-class Proprietary Stocks Scanners
    • Morning Report with Key Daily Levels
    • High Probability SMS Swing Alerts
    • Powerful Charting Indicators (Thinkorswim / Tradingview / TradeStation)



    + $295 signup fee


    $1295 for 12 months
    No Signup Fee

    Meet the Founder of

    TrueTrader’s Reversal Strategy…

    Hi, I’m Adriano.

    I’ve been trading for 25+ years – before that, I began my training as a doctor. Not excited about 12-14 years of study, I spent a lot of time traveling, and during this time I discovered a way to create a lifestyle around a lucrative online income.

    When I started trading, I’d be at my computer every day from 7 am until late into the night – it was exhausting. But I soon discovered that the vast majority of opportunities actually occur in the first 15 minutes of the market opening…

    My goal is to educate and help our 5,000+ members become self-sufficient, earn a sustainable income that’s recession-proof. And now it’s your turn…

    Watch below to see how countless other members are enjoying financial freedom using our “early trade” system.

    TrueTrader Success Stories 

    Watch why our members LOVE trading with True Trader.