Morning Report 4-Day Challenge

Tues Dec 15-Fri Dec 18

Due to a technical glitch, all submissions from Dec 14th were corrupted. As such, we will be ommitting all of these from the results. Winners will be determined for Dec 15-Dec 18 (4 days) instead. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience.



Starting Dec 15 through the 18th, participating members will be invited to create their own morning report and submit it to us privately. At 9:15 AM ET we will post everyone’s MR submissions on the results page found here.

We will put a paper trade in the amount of $1000 on each triggered entry. At the end of the week, the member with the biggest account wins.

First place winner earns $500. Second place gets $300. Third place gets $200. All 3 winners receive a permanent badge cementing their victory for life.


Participants who sign up by Sunday Dec 13 will receive an official “MR CHALLENGER” badge. During the contest only those with this badge will be qualified. Participants will be required to complete a form with six (6) of their picks  and submit by 9:15 AM ET each day. Any submissions posted after this time will be considered invalid and you will be disqualified from the remainder of the competition.

You’ll be asked to include the stock’s ticker, entry, stop loss, and profit target for any long and short side trades. For a ticker to be measured it must trigger in the first 10 minutes.

How to Win

We’re going to keep things as simple as possible for this challenge… We will put $1000 on each of your trades. The largest account at the end of the week wins.


* Your trade must be submitted by 9:15 am ET
* If you skip a day, you will be disqualified. 
* You will only be able to submit once per day – make sure your submission figures are right!
* Your trade must trigger your entry price in the first 10 minutes of the day.
* Your trade must hit your profit target or loss to count. Trades that never hit your target will be closed and whatever gain/loss it’s at will be counted toward your PnL.
* You must post a min of 6 tickers. Each must have a long and short target.


    * These rules are subject to change anytime. (we will try really hard not to but if we see some funny business… we might have to.)


The top 3 winners receive cash prizes and a coveted chatroom badge. (we don’t really know if it’s really coveted but hey, should look pretty cool)

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

All winners receive a permanent chatroom badge.