TrueTrader Essentials Plan 2022

$99.00 / month with 1 month free trial and a $295.00 sign-up fee

July 4 Sale!: Take $100 off the signup fee (includes your first 30 days), then only $69/mo.

Included: COURSES

REVERSAL STRATEGY MASTERCLASS – Learn exactly how our pros trade each morning earning a 75% – 85% win rate. This course is a well structured course with examples, lessons, and reinforcement tests to ensure you can begin the right way immediately.
OPTIONS COURSE – Learn the basics of options trading and increase an understanding of a powerful trading toolkit. Options trading can absolutely help small accounts grow fast while mitigating risk. A MUST LEARN.
MASTERMIND PRIMER SESSIONS – This four-part series puts you in the same room as our 25yr pro as he and a masterclass student conduct high-impact sessions. These sessions were so powerful we decided to share them with all our members.
TRADING MINDSET – The most overlooked content until something goes wrong. We worked with a world-renowned trading coach to design a multi-part series on the psychology of trading and how it absolutely will impact your effectiveness. Our most profitable members have mastered these lessons and they are available to you at no additional charge.
RISK MANAGEMENT – More than just an empty phrase, this four-part series breaks down in actionable steps how to actually calculate your risk BEFORE you take your first trade. Many learn the importance of risk management the hard way, after a major unnecessary loss. Never make that mistake.
200+ HOURS OF Q&A SESSIONS – Get every question answered through our organized knowledge base, Q&A sessions with the pros, and pre-recorded workshops. Members who have been with us for over a year still find fresh content in these archives that unlock the next level to their trading career.

30 Days Free: COMMUNITY & TECHNOLOGY (Then $99/mo)

DAILY LIVESTREAM (9:30a-10:30a Market Days) – Watch our 5 professional traders apply theory to practice as they share live, their trades with all calls made AHEAD of time (no exceptions). This daily session is packed with tons of value and will let you better understand how to apply the TrueTrader Reversal Strategy to your own trading.
CORE* CHATROOM ACCESS (excludes premium rooms) – With over 15 rooms there is something for everyone. Stocks, Options, Futures, Small Caps, Swing, and Small Account rooms (plus many more) ensure you always have a place to call home.
CUSTOMIZABLE STOCK SCANNERS – Enjoy unlimited access to our Pre-market/After hours, daily price level, and spikes scanner. We scan over 8000 stocks per second to bring you only the most relevant ideas to consider trading against. These scanners are our pro-trader’s staple tool and how they make 6-7 figure returns consistently.
DAILY MORNING REPORT – Get our head trader’s daily picks for the morning. These levels don’t last very long but offer the highest probability setups when they trigger!
SMS SWING ALERTS – Too busy to be at-the-ready in chat all day? Subscribe to our SMS Swing alerts (included with your ongoing subscription). Perfect for part time traders and professionals on the go. These picks have earned us 92% win rate and a cumulative gain of over 212%.
TT SQUAWK – This custom tech allows you to stay tuned into to an audio feed of all our pro traders. With each pro trader given a channel you’ll be able to tune in to anyone that fits your personal trade style.
BENZINGA PRO NEWS SQUAWK – Get complete access to world-leading real-time news via integrated Benzinga Squawk.

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