TrueTrader Spartan Race!

Spartan Sprint – 5k, 20 Obstacles

TrueTrader is hosting our very first in-person event Oct 17, 2021 in Conyer’s Georgia. Markets present us daily challenges and hurdles that we work as a team to overcome…  so what better inaugural event than ACTUAL  OBSTACLES? This fall members are invited to join us in a Spartan Sprint; a race format that is friendly to people of all physical body types.

The Details

  • What: Spartan Sprint – 5k and 20 obstacles
  • Where: Conyer’s GA. Here’s the link to the actual Spartan Event (don’t buy tickets! see below)
  • Who: Any TT Member and their guests can join us
  • When: Oct 16-Oct 17, 2021. We’ll be doing activities on Oct 16 and the race itself is on Sunday Oct 17.



What is the TT Spartan Sprint?

In general terms, it’s a 5-kilometer footrace with 20 obstacles, hosted by Spartan Race Inc. But for TrueTrader, it’s way more than this! Not only is it TrueTrader’s first-ever live in-person meetup where the TT ethos of holistic trading mentality finds embodiment in a team activity, it’s also the place where you will finally get to meet others from the TT organization and membership face-to-face!

Who’s invited?

Spartan hosts races around the world, and the general public is invited to participate as either an individual or as a team. To join the TrueTrader team, you must register through TrueTrader. TT Spartan team members receive 30% discount1 on race tickets, plus special team perks, including a single race start time for our whole team.

TT Members are also encouraged to invite any family & friends who wish to join you on this special event!

How hard is the 5K Sprint?

As hard or easy as you make it! Most promotional and social media content around Spartan races focus on the strongest, the fastest, and the winningest. But Spartan races — especially THIS “race” among TT friends —are all about the journey, the experience, and the camaraderie! Need to walk part of it? No problem! Not ready for some or all of the obstacles? Just skip them! Of course, skipping obstacles will keep you out of the official “competitors” category, but if that’s not your thing, we still want to see you at the event with us, doing what you can with what you have! …just like a TrueTrader pro!

What if I my conditioning and/or health are not ideal at the time of the event?

No matter what, each entrant must monitor their physical health above all else. Consult with your doctor about your limits for heart rate and strenuous activity. Not everybody can or is expected to place high in the speed rankings, or complete every obstacle — but almost anybody can participate, and have a great time doing it! You don’t want to be that TT member who hears about it later and wishes you were there!

Where can I see examples of the Spartan sprint and obstacles?

Click here for a YouTube video of a recent 5K Spartan Sprint… and note that not everybody is completing every obstacle!

What is the price?

Regular price for race participation is USD $135.99 + tax per participant, but TrueTrader has locked in a team discount rate of $112.00 each, which includes tax. TT is not subsidizing your entry ticket; but that doesn’t mean there aren’t special perks and/or privileges in store for TT Spartan team participants!

When is the event?

The Spartan event that our team is registered for takes place the weekend of Oct. 16-17, 2021. Our 5K sprint is Sunday Oct. 17. Our team start time will be between 9:00am and 12:45 pm; exact time to be announced later.

When is the deadline to register?
  1. TT DEADLINE — TrueTrader must receive your registration with full payment by midnight ET, Friday Sep 3.
  2. “HOTEL” DEADLINE — For TT team participants who want to book their hotel room(s) on the TT block discount rate (see below question re. “lodging”), the deadline for booking is Oct. 1. NOTE: You must book your room(s) directly with the hotel; just specify “TrueTrader block rate” when booking.
How do I sign up?
Where is the Spartan event?

The Spartan 5K Sprint is located in the Steeplechase complex at Georgia International Horse Park in Conyers, Georgia USA. GIHP was the equestrian site for the 1996 Olympics, and is located approx. one hour east of Atlanta International Airport.

Where can I learn more about the event and the venue?
What do I bring and what do I wear?

Visit the same Sprint page referenced above and scroll down to “FAQS” section, for details.

Is there a plan for lodging and/or ground transportation?

Lodging and transportation are the responsibility of each participant. We have a discount quote for a block of rooms at Wyndham La Quinta Inn & Suites in Conyers GA, at $111.60 + tax per room per night (king or two doubles), for the nights of Oct. 16 and 17.

To book directly with the hotel, call +1-770-918-0092 and select option 5 to get the local front desk, then let the staff know you’re with the “TrueTrader” block rate. Depending on quantity of bookings, TT may arrange a private shuttle from hotel to the event and back on Sunday (hotel is approx. 5 miles from race venue).

Special note on hotel nights: The latest possible hotel checkout time that can be requested at La Quinta is 1:00pm, but even that is not guaranteed. Chances are we will not be finished with our race in time to return to hotel and checkout same day. Therefore, the block we ordered is for Saturday and Sunday nights, to give our team time to return to their hotel rooms and get cleaned up on Sunday afternoon. The night(s) you book are up to you; this is just your headsup on which nights qualify for the block discount.

What else is on the docket for the weekend?

TT is planning a TT-members-and-their-guests-only* no-host meet-and-greet for early Saturday evening Oct. 16 in the Conyers GA area. Arrive in town in plenty of time to rest up and hang out with your fellow TT traders the night before the big race! (*TT member’s family & friends are welcome to attend the meet-and-greet; just a headsup TT may elect to give away merchandise to TT members only, who are pre-registered for the Sprint.)

What if I register then need to cancel?

Cancellations will be processed in accordance with Spartan cancellation policy. If Spartan refunds all or part of a cancellation, then TT will follow suit, with the understanding that there may be a reasonable time lapse between when TT is notified of cancellation request and when TT is able to notify Spartan.

1Discount calculated as current event price 135.99 ÷ TT price 104.67 = 1.3. TT price of 104.67 + 7% sales tax = 112.00.

Terms subject to change without notice. TrueTrader, LLC has no affiliation with Spartan Race Inc. “Team” status is purely a label to facilitate bulk registration; each participant’s entry is a contract between participant and Spartan Race Inc. TrueTrader, LLC assumes no responsibility for the event, or its safety, or customer satisfaction, or any representations made by Spartan in relation to the team event in particular, and Spartan events in general.

RSVP at evite

  • Are you in? Let us know here: We’ll contact you once you RSVP to handle payment of the Spartan Ticket.