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If call-outs from our chatroom aren’t enough, you can now learn our secret method used to identify winning trades. This will give you the tools needed for the path to mastery.


Sample Lesson:

Introducing The True Trader Reversal Strategy

Watch this sample lesson from our Masterclass. Any membership plan grants access to our masterclass.

Here’s what you will learn

  1. Exactly how to identify A+ trades AND take them
  2. How to manage risk in the event a trade goes against you
  3. How to setup your trading platform to maximize your success
  4. The criteria for a winning or losing stock

Still unsure? Watch Dan make over $19,000 live on stream using the True Trader Reversal Strategy.

This video came from one of our daily live streams. In this Dan uses the knowledge you’ll gain in our Masterclass to earn over $19,000 in a single morning trade session (1 hour)!

Proven Results

We know our strategy is so successful that we post our chat-room trades each day. Explore the embedded spread sheet to see how our Masterclass-driven call-outs would perform with a hypothetical $25,000 account. 

True Video Success Stories 

Watch why our members LOVE trading with True Trader.

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Lifetime Access for $695

  • TrueTrader Stocks Masterclass Course ($3295 value)
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  • Access to TT’s content library of over 500 hours of high impact training

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  • TT Stocks Live Stream (9:30a-10:30a Market Days)
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  • Stocks Morning Report Email with Key Daily Levels
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