Our Best Deal of the Year

Join the absolute best trader’s community for under $4/day. We’re excited to offer our best deal of the year. Join TrueTrader and get all the tools you need to be a profitable & consistent trader.



Founder with over 25 wildly successful years  experience. A verified 8-figure trader, Adriano brings unbelievable knowledge and compassion to the community. Adriano's trading style is aggressive and rapid. 


Professional trader with 10 years experience, Ricky specializes small-caps and risk management. Ricky is a tireless mentor to TT members spending countless hours ensuring critical concepts are understood.


Sunil has nearly a decade of experience trading the TT Reversal Strategy and is known among traders as the most patient and disciplined. He tirelessly runs TrueTraders "Review your Trades" room where members can submit their trades for careful review to hone their skills further.


Mike brings his knowledge and experience of options to members of TrueTrader. Offering DAILY nightly education group sessions 6-days per week, Mike works tirelessly to help traders navigate the often complex world of options trading and momentum-style trades.



Everything You Need

Daily Setups + 5 Scanners that Reveal Them

You need a strategy that presents MULTIPLE opportunities every day. We’ve developed a strategy that has a 70%+ win rate, massive expectancy, and FIVE (5) proprietary scanners that feed them to you.

Advanced Indicator Sets

We’ve created a clean set of custom indicators so you have clear yes/no decision criteria right on your screen. Tradingview, ThinkOrSwim, eSignal, and Tradestation Supported.

Daily Morning Report Picks and Livestream Call outs

Our Member’s Only Morning Report has often been described as worth the subscription alone.  Get it delivered every day at 9:15am. The levels on liquid stocks and SPY ETF are uncanny. 

Full Mentorship Community + Five Professional Traders

Our backbone is our community and our 5pro traders. Having direct, day-one, access to up to six professional and experienced traders is unheard of. Join today and get direct access to seasoned professionals right now.


What our Livestream is Like 

Every morning starting at 9:20 am ET up to 3 of our 5 pros broadcast their trades. We advocate trading 30 minutes per day (9:30am – 10:00am ET). In this stream we tune into Adriano, founder of TrueTrader, professional trader of over 27 years and commands an 8-figure account each day.


Everything You Need With Just One Service

Success for any day-trader can be elusive. We provide every component you need to be successful in the markets:

  • 5 Scanners to find high-probability setups
  • 5 Professional Trader Mentors
  • Complete and profitable strategies
  • Structured and Practical Courses
  • Daily Live Stream (30 min per day)
  • Nightly Mentorship Sessions (6 days per week)
  • Professional Chatroom with Extremely Supportive Community



What You Get

Charting Setup & Indicators

Personalized Trading Mentorship

World Class Community with Direct Mentorship

After Hours, Intraday, Swing, Small Caps Scanners

Daily Morning Report with Picks

World-class Courses

"Hit 233% of my weekly target goal. Maybe close to a personal record for me? And it's only Thursday morning! Thank you TrueTrader!"

Jason K

"So far $19.1K for the week... it's a record week for me ... thank you team for your support and guidance and cheerleading me all the way... I could not do this without you guys and gals."


"The gentlemen at TrueTrader are really well informed. They know the market very well. The entire team are like specialists in their own Arena and they come together as an oustanding team. Plus they show every effort that they really do care. It's a family."

Michael C.


“Truetrader is a God send!”

For someone brand new to trading Truetrader is a God send!! The onboarding process tells you step by step how to get started. The information is easily accessible and very easy to understand. I have always wanted to get into trading but jumping around from book to book, video to video just gave no structure to the learning process. Truetrader fixed all that and I am certain this is the beginning of a great future in trading for me.

“This is a great trading community”

This is a great trading community. It has great 6 figure pros who really care and share to build up the members. The support administrators are very helpful. It has everything you need-great instructional sites, hundreds of recordings, a fabulous Option channel with a pro who does open Zooms about 6 times a week on his own time! Such impressive teachers. A very good system is taught. I strongly recommend the community. I trust them, and they want to make us all successful!

“True Traders are my family away from my family”

The most caring and expansive and all encompassing diverse group of professional and team oriented group! There’s something for everyone as well as what anyone would need wanting to learn to trade the stock market. These people really care. They go the extra mile continually creating more opportunities for learning and address each of our problems. If you speak up they listen.


Choose A Plan That Works For You

While we offer a monthly plan, we highly recommend you opt for the yearly. Trading profitabily takes time. Commit to the journey and we’ll be there every step of the way with you.