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What are we all about?

We are a group of dedicated and focused traders all working towards the same goal. Excellence. With the pursuit of excellence comes freedom.

We identify pinpoint accurate Key Inflection Points and give the members a pre-market trade plan and the exact criteria we need to see in order to take the trades, along with a powerful morning live stream session with Dan Parker and several other 7 figure traders where they video share their orderflow charts to the group and call the setups they are looking for LIVE, in REAL TIME, BEFORE they come.

By sitting next to a group of consistently profitable stock market veterans, we are able to identify areas where retail traders are stuck, and then we fade them. We will know almost immediately if we are right or wrong on the trade. By entering the market at very favorable prices, we are able to get better risk-to-reward, which in turn allows us to aggressively scale our accounts while staying safe. By being able to enter the market at great prices, our winners are much larger than our losers. Majority of the trades work almost immediately and allow us to reduce our risk quickly. Good trading is all about risk management and making sure your winners are bigger than your losses. We preach proper risk management and having our winners be much larger than our losers.

Not only do we call our trade setups on a live screen-share, but we also guide traders on what to look for so they can learn the process and be able to eventually trade on their own, without us. We teach traders how to fish rather than just giving them the fish. Unlike most traders that go out looking for trades, we wait for the market to come to us. By doing our pre-market analysis, we know exactly where we want to enter and exit the market before most traders have had their morning cup of coffee. We stay patient and preach discipline, never giving into FOMO (fear of missing out.)

You will also be able to personally talk to us on the live trading sessions with any questions you may have.

The goal of True Trader is to help turn you into a better trader and into a better person, striving for excellence. We help you to obtain the absolute best trade location (best entries) and eliminate confusion so you can cut through all the market noise and confidently pull the trigger and execute the best trade ideas. Good trade location helps us cut our losers quickly and stay in our winning trades to maximize gains.

What do you get when you join True Trader? 

1. Pinpoint accurate Key Support/Resistance Zones along with a Professional Trade Plan posted 15 minutes before market open. This way we can be prepared by having a game plan with our buy/sell zones mapped out before coming into the day.

2. Live real time market calls on a live screen-share service where Dan and several other high performance traders share their charts and thoroughly explain their ideas, trade plans, and why they want to take the trades at the prices that they do

3. Live Q&A sessions where you will also be able to ask any question whether it be market related or any personal issues that may be holding back your trading, we will be there for you. Our purpose with this service is to help you succeed.

6. A highly active community of professional traders where any question you have will be answered within seconds during trading hours. 

7. Multiple high probability trades each morning. It is very rare for us to have a win rate of less than 75%. For every 10 trades we take, we are green on at least 7 of them. Our winners are on average 2.3x larger than our losers. When you join us you will witness this performance live.

8. Access to our proprietary pre market, after market, and intraday scanners. This is a game changer for most traders who come to us and want to take their trading to the next level. 

How much?

Wildly affordable. We operate one of the least expensive trading rooms (that actually produces results). For around the price of your daily cup of coffee you’ll have access to all of the above included. LOCK IN THE SAVINGS. You will be grandfathered in at the current price point. When we increase our pricing, your price is good for however long you want to be a member of True Trader. 


No BS!

No Hype! This is a no-hype service. Trading is a business, and every business has costs. If our market analysis, trading education, and live trading stream helps you become a better trader and make more money in the markets, then our membership fee will pay for itself..many multiple times over. Paying for this service is just a (tiny) cost of doing business. Just one trade could pay for years of membership.

Our pre market analysis and guidance helps you excel as a trader with the aid of live commentary and screen-share, sitting there next to pro traders, you WILL be on the path to consistency, at a cost of $10/ day. The same price as a bowl of chipotle. The value that comes with our daily pre market analysis, custom trading files, custom support/resistance zones, livestream each morning where we call everything ahead of time, daily Q&A sessions, proprietary scanning software is priceless and has come from over a decade of experience trading.


Can I trade while I work full time?
Yes! In general, we preach trading only the first hour of the day and then walking away. We have many traders that trade part-time while working a full-time job. They enter trades, place their orders, and walk away. Trade management can be done via mobile. This is the best strategy for trading while working. The best hour to trade is from 9:30am-10:30am EST.

Can I follow your trades (mirror trading)?
Totally up to you what you do with our information. Many of our members become self sufficient as that is our goal with our service. If you would like though, yes in theory, you can just sit back, watch our trades and act upon the information at your own discretion. It is totally up to you if you would like to piggy back our trades. We call all of our entries and exits in real time and AHEAD of time, before the market gets there. Nothing after the fact. You are responsible for your own trades. Our members are taught our strategy and then invited to watch our top traders do their daily work. We find this helps re-enforce the education by watching our pros in real-time. You must educate yourself if you want to be a successful trader. A surgeon does not perform surgery without learning from his peers first. Same goes for trading.

What if I have a small account? Do you trade options or low priced stocks too?
If your account is below $5,000 then we would recommend playing the options on the large caps, or trading the small cap stocks for quicker growth. We literally hold our members hands and guide them on how to effectively place the trades while managing the risk.

How are you doing with the current volatility in the market? How are you trading during this market correction?

Please refer to the spreadsheet with our trades posted below. Our win rate has consistently hovered between 75-81% with our average gain being 2.3x larger than our average loss. The volatility has not affected us. 

We are all cash by market close and we rarely hold any positions overnight.

Which broker do you use?
I personally use Cobra Trading for quick executions. But TD Ameritrade, E-Trade, Interactive Brokers, Charles Schwab work just fine. These are the main brokers most of our members are trading with. Most of these brokers also offer commission free trading now as well.

What charting software do you use?

Thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade. 

Here’s what traders have to say about the service:

“Trading for the last 10 years, I’ve been around the block a few times. What I’ve found here with true trader is something special. This is the first time I’ve ever joined a group where the traders are big heavy consistent hitters AND they show it all live. I would recommend this service to anyone who is trying to take their trading to the next level and become a real professional.” – Rick

“I joined TT 9 months ago, and since that time I have had 31 winning weeks and only 4 losing ones, without a single losing month. I am generally profitable 4 of 5 days per week. Each profitable month I have increased my trading size by 15% and I have actually had several days where I made more in a day than I took home in a month working for the San Francisco Zoo. I know it is about the process and not so much about the money, but when you have bills to pay, it is nice to be making money. I can say without a doubt that had I not found, I would not be trading today.” – Emry

“I’ve been with you guys for the last 4 months or so and have been doing incredibly well. To be honest I was a little worried with the oil drop and the recent crisis affecting the market and causing a massive spike in volatility. Well one month into the “chaos”, and you guys are still killing it as if nothing even happened. World class group of traders here.” – Armin

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