Really Understanding Risk Management

What does “Proper Risk Management” mean anyway?

Risk Management is thrown around so often that it’s almost a cliche term. New traders often encounter the phrase “You must have proper risk management” but making that real is elusive. Something every new trader knows is important but few know how to practically implement. 

Our team of pro traders have prepared four sessions on understanding risk management. We, at TrueTrader, feel so strongly that understanding risk is the most vital thing every trader should master that we are releasing these sessions to the public.

Risk Management Lessons

How to Manage Risk and Find your ideal position size (w @rickyanalog)

Host: @RickyAnalog

To be a successful trader you need to have a solid risk management. RickyAnalog has created this position size calculator to help traders manage their trades according to the stop levels. In this video lesson, Ricky explains how you can manage your size and calculate your position average.

How to Use Expectancy to Manage Risk (w @rickyanalog)

Host: @RickyAnalog

What is expectancy? Learn why this value is vital to understanding your profitability as a trader.

Position Sizing Workshop (w @thegoose)

Host: @TheGoose

In this webinar you will learn how to find your ideal position size from the scratch. After completion of this course you will have an idea on what exactly your risk profile is and help in figuring out a systematic way to meet your trading goals.
(note: Make sure you have pen and paper ready to follow along with the exercise)


Stop When You’re Wrong! But when am I wrong?

Host: @RickyAnalog

What good does knowing how to size appropriately do for you if you don’t know how to rationally set your stops? This webinar will aim to teach you how to know where the price would need to go for you to confidently say “my thesis was wrong” and therefore set your stop in that area. Considering risk is a by-product of position sizing AND distance to stop loss, we deem this a necessary piece of the puzzle in your quest to master risk management.
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