10/13 – Midweek Watch with Former Market Maker TheGoose – Markets Holding but Stay Tricky. How I’m playing this!

by | Oct 13, 2021 | Midweek Watch | 0 comments

TheGoose (Jason Pollack) is a former market maker and pro trader at TrueTrader who has been trading for over 25 years. Tapping into his experience he brings us 11 fresh trade ideas for the rest of this week

Broader Market


Same comments as last few weeks. I’m kind of waiting for that curl off 20D SMA. Still holding 6-mo moving average. What I want for it is to reclaim the 20D and the 50D SMA from here to start trending like we did before. There’s still a lot of choppiness out there, so strike while the volume is there in the morning. So be aware of that, make sure you adjust your trading accordingly. Lot easier to trade when the volume is there.


Sitting right above the 126 moving average. Nothing changed, same thoughts as $SPY.

Names that I’m watching


My Level: Long off $34.70
Why: Previous day’s low and 50D SMA
Notes: Breaking the down trend on the daily chart and closed above the 200D SMA. Looking for a clear of this level 36.30. Feel this is going to push to $38.


My Level: Long off $74.30
Why: Previous day low and the 50D SMA 
Notes: Making higher lows on the daily. Looking for a $77.50 clear and a push up. Maybe $80 magnet


My Level: Long off $63.05
Why: Previous low, whole number and Quarterly pivot
Notes: Watching for a $65 clear on this for a nice leg up


My Level: Long off $61.05
Why: Previous low and Monthly pivot
Notes: Nice trending chart, like the industry. Like the Doji candle from today. Coming down two days in a row, looking for a nice bounce on it


My Level: Long off $120.30 & $121.30
Why: Prior monthly pivot
Notes: Like how its respecting this 126 moving average.


My Level: Long off $72.89 & $70
Why: Previous day low, 50D SMA and Quarterly pivot
Notes:  Just above the prior quarterly, also had lot of support around the $70 area. Bottom of the trend, like this name overall for a long


My Level: Long off $123.50
Why: Previous low and Annual pivot 
Notes:  I think its oversold, announced a $10B buyback. It’s authorization for a buyback, just have that in mind. Not like they are going to do it tomorrow


My Level: Long off $106.55
Why: Previous low and 50D SMA
Notes: Had really strong day, breaking out of the channel on the daily. Watch any weakness to see if buyers come back on it tomorrow or Friday


My Level: Long off $103.30
Why: Previous day’s lows 
Notes:  Looking at this 106.50 clear, just below the 20D SMA. Think its gonna curl off this trend and push into 50D SMA/prior resistance


My Level: Short off $54.50
Why:  Annual pivot, Monthly pivot and Previous day’s highs
Notes: Its also pushing into prior resistance/support. Its couple of bucks away and has a $3 ATR. Think its going to setup for a fade if pushes into mid $54s

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