Announcing a new series from TrueTrader and The Wall Street Coach – “Method & Mindset”

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TrueTrader and The Wall Street Coach are excited to announce a new collaboration on Instagram called “Method & Mindset – The Strategy and Psychology behind Stress-Free Trading”. In this unique Instagram-live format both RickyAnalog, pro trader at TrueTrader, and Kim Ann Curtin, founder and lead executive coach at The Wall Street Coach will be tag teaming traders who may be struggling in their careers. Kim’s unique understanding of the mindset traps that can impact performance coupled with RickyAnalog’s no-nonsense practical approach to trading will be sure to offer guests an experience they’ll remember.

“Method & Mindset – The Strategy and Psychology behind Stress-Free Trading” will premier Thursday, Aug 19, 2021 at 5:00pm ET on Instagram. Subscribe to TrueTrader’s instagram page to get alerts:

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