How to Day Trade For Beginners

New to Day Trading? We got you.

You’ve decided to jump into the world of day-trading and know nothing? You’ve come to the right place.

Make no mistake, this is a LONG and DIFFICULT journey but one that can be extraordinarily rewarding financially.

Below is a handy list of links to various pieces of content in the TrueTrader member’s library. We have thousands of hours of content but the list below has been specifically curated for the beginner trader in mind.

Links to review

  1. The Basics of Day Trading – For absolute beginners.
  2. TrueTrader Masterclass – Understand the principles behind our winning strategy. (watch monthly for your first 3 months)
  3. Setting up your charts – Customize your charts with our indicator sets to prepare for the hunt.
  4. Select a Broker – Choose one that fits your trading style!
  5. Get Good at Risk Management – Arguably THE MOST important topic. Do not sleep on these videos.
  6. Creating a morning game plan – Create a plan with the proper tools needed for you to succeed each morning. 
  7. Familiarize yourself with the knowledge base – Need help with terminology or specific topics? Use the search function.
  8. Utilize the chatroom – Ask questions. Don’t hesitate to get involved, that’s what you’re here for!