Midweek Watch – 9 Ideas for Thursday and Friday

by | Aug 18, 2021 | Midweek Watch | 0 comments

TheGoose (Jason Pollack) is a former market maker and pro trader at TrueTrader who has been trading for over 25 years. Tapping into his experience he brings us 8 fresh trade ideas for the rest of this week.


My Level: LONG 53.20 & 52.30
: Earnings number’s were okay and FY22 Guidance looked good, MP & Prior support


My Level: LONG 56.80
MP and Prior Lows


My Level: LONG 86.10
MP and 126 MA


My Level: LONG 53.50
MP & 126 MA


My Level: LONG 110.10
50D and Prior QP and support (old resist)


My Level: LONG 101.50
MP & 50D


My Level: LONG 22.9
Prev Lows, reversal possible


My Level: LONG 24.60
Prev Lows, turn for reversal


My Level: LONG 24.20 & 23.70
200D & 50D / QP

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