Midweek Watch with Former Market Maker TheGoose – $OSTK, $ANF, $OKE, $CRWD, $RVLV, $SPCE, $CLF, $PTON, $BBBY, $PINS

by | Jul 14, 2021 | Midweek Watch | 0 comments

Names I’m Watching


My level: $85.20. Why: Quarterly pivot, below the 50 day SMA and prior support. Had a big red candle today. See if it holds tomorrow.


My Level: $42 and $41. Why: It respects the 50 day SMA. So I’m looking around 42 to join it. Ideally 41 which is the previous quarterly pivot. If it flushes for a sec that’s ok. Has a ~$2 ATR.


My Level: 54.50 (50 day SMA) and 53.50 (Monthly Pivot). Has tighter range but may present a good opportunity in the morning.


My Level: $254 (might be too close). This thing is respecting the 20 day. Next area for an add is around the $250. Remember this has a $9 ATR. Today’s range alone was $12. I want to be prepared.


My Level: $66 and $65. You can see how it’s holding a nice drawn trend line. $66 also has previous low and an annual pivot. I love when these line up with the monthly pivot too.


My Level: $30. Don’t catch a falling knife. I don’t even think the 50day SMA is a spot yet. But we have a shot at the whole number ($30). We also have the 200 day SMA and monthly pivot. It might hold 50d but I’m waiting for that $30 area.


My Level: 20.80. Tight name. If it get some sort of wash I want to be prepared. The 50d is matching up with the quarterly pivots. Might get a $1 to $1.20.


My Level: 108.00. 50d, monthly, $5 ATR from where it closed. Should make for a good bounce.


My Level: 25.50 area. If we open up down I want to be prepared for key levels. I don’t think 50d will hold it but watching off the 25.50 area. That’s the 200d and monthly pivot.


My Level: 67.80. 200d, 50d, monthly pivot. One more drop would be really sweet into that area.

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